Need Biometric Raw Signal Data?

The Pulse Guru for Biometric Raw Signal Data

Our suite of Smart Sensor Wearables, Device Firmware, SKD & API's and access to our proprietary and patented Neural Networks will get you there effortlessly.

Struggling to get the actual Raw Signal Data from your Wearable?

Our suite of smart sensors, software services and patented Neural Networks are now available for license, allowing you unfiltered access to all that rich information captured through our wearables.

This includes:
- Firmware for Devices,
- SDKs for Apps,
- APIs for Portals & Web Services, and
- Our library of patented Neural Nets
R&D / Clinical Project Partners
Industry and Accelerator Program Partners


Trinity Western University
British Columbia

Dr Anita Cote,
Canada Research Chair in Cardiovascular Adaptation to Exercise
“We are pleased to be working with Health Gauge in the use and application of their leading edge artificial intelligence and machine-learning based wearable technology and applications.  One of the reasons that Health Gauge was a great fit for our work efforts is because of their core ability to capture full data signals at the wrist and to make critical biometric data streams available for us to validate and create unique athletic performance analytics. Health Gauge has been an excellent partner for us in our interests to better study and define performance indices – helping us better understand and serve athletes in achieving their best results.”

Consulate General of Canada

Chantal Glass,
Trade Commissioner
"I am pleased to invite and support Health Gauge to participate in Chicago’s world-leading health sciences incubator and mentoring program focused solely on mobilizing a community of entrepreneurs, industry innovators, scientists and clinicians committed to improving health and care for every patient.  Health Gauge was just one of five Canadian companies selected from a national competitive process to participate in 2019 in this program.”

MedWatch Tech

Mike Moore,
“We are pleased to announce we’ve signed a license with Health Gauge that enables us to make use of their proprietary technology covering the design and functionality of biometric sensors to gather required information for glucose determination,” stated Mike Moore, CEO of MedWatch Technologies. “Additionally, we have licensed the use of the Health Gauge best in class health monitoring and management software platform that will provide us a turn-key cloud-based solution for users of our glucose monitoring devices. We are excited to establish this relationship with Health Gauge and look forward to the opportunities it provides us."
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