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Prioritize Your Well-being: Where Continuous Monitoring, Precision, Privacy, and Health take Center Stage.
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Biometric Magic

Unlock Biometric Excellence: Elevate Your Well-being with a Focus on Continuous Monitoring, Precision, Privacy, and Health as the Main Focus.

Continuous Signal Capture: Everyday Biometric Wearables

Using Smart Sensor Wearables and our Pulse Whisperer technology, we capture continous biometric signals. Our suite of APIs, SDKs, and Data Connectors allows seamless integration with Health Gauge Smart Sensor Watches, Rings, Weight Scales, as well as all smart devices in the iOS and Android ecosystem, and emerging Computer Vision technologies, facilitating the collection of robust Time-Series Data.

Welcome to the Quantified Self.

Unleash the Power of Analysis: Neural Networks, ML and AI Services.

Leveraging our proprietary and patented Neural Networks, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence, we craft precise informational Signals and Pulses.

Our Biometric InfoPulse will harvest millions of inputs from intelligent sensors, apply our sophisticated Neural Networks to amalgamate inputs and generate Actionable biometric information.

Driving Impact through Action with Remote Patient Monitoring.

Our Biometrics Platform, enriched by advanced Predictive Analytics, transcends basic data processing. It crafts personalized insights and advances Remote Patient Monitoring, enhancing healthcare effectiveness and responsiveness.

Real-Time Monitoring: Continuously analyze live biometric data for immediate insights into individual health metrics.

Precision Personalization: Apply advanced Predictive Analytics to tailor personalized insights, ensuring a focused and effective healthcare strategy.

Adaptive Care Solutions: Dynamically adjust and optimize Adaptive Care Pathways using gathered insights, fostering proactive and responsive patient care.
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