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Transforming healthcare across various market segments. Whether you're a health clinic, home care monitoring service, insurance company, corporate health group, research organization, or an individual seeking better health, we have tailored solutions for you.

Health Clinics

Discover how Health Intelligence streamlines patient care, optimizes workflows, and enhances clinical decision-making for better outcomes. See how real-time insights and data-driven solutions benefit your practice.

Home Care Monitoring

Explore how Health Intelligence enables remote patient monitoring, ensuring better care and safety for patients at home. Learn how our solutions empower caregivers and enhance patient well-being.

Insurance Companies

Learn how Health Intelligence solutions can revolutionize underwriting, policy management, and customer engagement. See how data-driven insights can help you provide personalized and cost-effective insurance solutions.

Corporate Health Groups

See how Health Intelligence can boost employee well-being and reduce healthcare costs for businesses. Learn about tailored programs for corporate wellness and telemedicine solutions.

Research Organizations

Discover how Health Intelligence can streamline data collection, analysis, and insights for your research projects. See how real-time health data can advance your studies and discoveries.

Empowering Athletic Organizations

Explore the transformative potential of Health Intelligence in optimizing data collection, analysis, and insights for your research projects. Witness the impact of real-time health data on advancing your studies and discoveries.


TaqTik Health

Yasuhiro Hashimoto, M.D.,
“This pilot innovative with Health Gauge brings together an experienced group of partners with interest in improving affordable accessibility for bariatric surgery (whether local or overseas) while leveraging tech and touch to streamline remote post-care support to improve obesity patient success rates,”

MedWatch Tech

Mike Moore,
“We are pleased to announce we’ve signed a license with Health Gauge that enables us to make use of their proprietary technology covering the design and functionality of biometric sensors to gather required information for glucose determination,” stated Mike Moore, CEO of MedWatch Technologies. “Additionally, we have licensed the use of the Health Gauge best in class health monitoring and management software platform that will provide us a turn-key cloud-based solution for users of our glucose monitoring devices. We are excited to establish this relationship with Health Gauge and look forward to the opportunities it provides us."


Simba Nyazika,
Founder and CEO
“We’re very excited about our new partnership with Health Gauge as we gear up for the July 1st commercial launch of our Peak Cognition training platform, which marks the culmination of years of product development and market testing involving our team members, our dedicated training centre supporters, and our partners at the University of Alberta,”

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