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Welcome to the New Health Gauge Blog!

Two years ago, Health Gauge started off with a dream of changing the way people monitor their health – and created Health Gauge. Powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence, Health Gauge is a wearable & platform solution that provides core health information, including: blood pressure, oxygen saturation, vascular stiffness, heart rate variability, ECG and PPG, sleep and fitness tracking.

But, Health Gauge is far more than a wearable, Health Gauge specializes in health data analysis and coaching. Health Gauge provides deep health insight and health support using artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques – to unlock vital details in your health. Health Gauge also has a platform to share health data with your doctor, so they can better understand your daily health and provide you with better care.

Health Gauge gives actionable advice on how to manage stress, improve fitness, and live a healthier and happier life. Using the Health Gauge, you will get personalized recommendations in four key areas: sleep, stress, exercise, and diet.

Health Gauge aims to revolutionize how individuals monitor their heart and general health, to become the world leading wearable & platform solution.

Health Gauge is truly a means of well-being.

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