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Randy Duguay, CEO, Appointed to the Advisory Board of the University of Alberta’s ST Innovations

EDMONTON, October 13, 2020 – ST Innovations has announced that Randy Duguay has been appointed to the Industry Advisory Board. Mr. Duguay current serves as the chief executive officer (CEO) of Health Gauge, a world-leading provider of personal health monitoring, management and coaching, through the use of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology. As a one of the members of the Industry Advisory Board, Duguay will help advise on the productization and commercialization of health technologies created by ST Innovations’ large network of researchers, developers, and scientists.

Duguay is CEO and cofounder of Health Gauge, where he leads the operations, business development, and productization of the overall team for the company. Duguay founded Health Gauge in 2016 with his business partner Bruce Matichuk with the goal of improving the health and quality of lives of individuals with chronic conditions, as well as healthy individuals. Previously, he worked in senior management roles with TELUS Communications, TELUS Health Solutions, and served briefly with the University of Alberta in commercialization initiatives as well as with other world-leading organizations. Mr. Duguay earned a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, a master’s degree in Engineering Management, and has completed the executive business development program with Rotman Business School (University of Toronto) and Sloan Business School (MIT).

“It is a real honour to serve on the Industry Advisory Board; to be able to help the province’s great health innovators reach market who are working to address the latest trends in intelligent health technologies come to fruition, and seeing the positive impact of ST Innovations through the community,” said Randy Duguay, CEO of Health Gauge. “These health technologies will help to bring about a positive shift in the economy as Alberta continues to establish itself as a powerhouse of health tech innovation. Patients with chronic conditions, neural injuries, and those on the path to recovery will see a real benefit in quality of life – and there is something truly meaningful about being a part of that.”

About ST Innovations

As the business arm of University of Alberta’s SMART Network, ST Innovations provides a path for commercialization of protective health technologies and medical devices that serve to help with recovery and management of neural injuries and diseases. The goal of SMART Network is to accelerate the development of health innovations that improve patient outcomes and wellbeing.

The SMART Network is a multidisciplinary organization that draws on the experience of 180 researchers, support staff and trainees in the fields of neuroscience, engineering, rehabilitation, computer science, clinical trials and health economics. The multidisciplinary nature of the enterprise enables for a faster path from discovery and innovation to commercialization and use of health devices in clinical and home care settings.

ST Innovations draws on the expertise, skills and resources of SMART Network to bring medical devices and health innovations to market, by removing barriers at every stage of the development process. ST Innovations assists with commercialization of medical health technologies in several ways:

  • Offering expertise in Human Machine Interface, that can help with the development of intelligent health technologies.

  • Providing access to integrated teams of scientists and health professionals.

  • Providing access to world-class laboratories, equipment and end-user validations.

  • Providing Industry insights to help with technology development and commercialization.

  • Providing access to funding support.

ST Innovations goal is to provide an interdisciplinary approach – that accelerates development of health technologies – thereby passing on the benefits to individuals with neural injuries, chronic conditions, and society at large.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Sarah Harper, HG Public Relations

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