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How to Improve your Endurance and Athletic Performance

Updated: May 15

No matter if you want to shine on your sports team or you are looking to improve your run times for a race, monitoring your heart rate can help you improve your endurance and performance, so that you can exercise longer and harder without fatigue. No matter what your workout routine is, exercising within a certain heart rate range (Target Zone) can help you reach a new fitness level sooner.

As discussed on our last article, determining your Target Zone can be easily calculated once you determine your maximum heart rate (MHR).

Endurance Training. For endurance-based training, your Target Zone should be 70% to 80% of your MHR. Training at this zone will not only improve your endurance, but it will improve your cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Performance Training. If you are a seasoned athlete, training at 80% to 90% of your MHR will help you improve your performance. This Target Zone increases the amount oxygen you can consume during exercise, ultimately improving your endurance and helping you to better fight fatigue.

Interval Workouts. If you are doing interval workouts or high intensity interval training (HIIT), you can use a heart rate monitor to track your recovery between sets. Instead of waiting a predetermined number of minutes before starting to workout again, you can wait for your heart rate to drop (from 90% to 100% of your MHR) down to 80% of your MHR before beginning another set.

5K Run. To train and race at the best pace for you, try to keep your heart rate between 95% and 97% of your MHR.

Long Run. If you are planning to run for a long distance and want to avoid feeling too fatigued by the end of it, aim for a Target Zone between 87% to 92% of your MHR.

Half-marathon. For a half-marathon, experts recommend a Target Zone of 85% to 88% of your MHR.

Full Marathon. If you are planning to tackle a full marathon, experts recommend aiming for a Target Zone between 80% and 85% of your MHR.

Using a heart rate monitor can help you stay in the Target Zone during your training, so that you can experience a real breakthrough in you fitness level. If you are looking for help in reaching your health and fitness goals, Health Gauge monitors your heart rate and fitness goals to give you meaningful feedback on how you can improve your health and wellness.

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