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Health Gauge was 1 of 5 Companies Chosen for the Canada-Chicago Mentoring Program

Updated: Apr 25

EDMONTON, March 15, 2019 – Health Gauge was 1 out of 5 Canadian companies chosen to be a part of the Canada-Chicago Mentoring Program (C2MP). C2MP is a unique mentoring program run in partnership between the Canadian Trade commission and – Chicago’s top tier healthcare incubator. Companies were selected using a highly competitive application process – selecting only the top companies that showed a high potential for growth and a clear and unique approach to addressing problems with health and the healthcare system.

“We are pleased to be able to participate and engage with the world-leading program in Chicago – a world-leading digital health organization supporting innovative companies seeking to change the world. It’s an honor to be one of this year’s Canadian selected companies and to be able to network with other leading US and international companies with a vision to provide leading edge solutions to improve health services and outcomes.” (Randy Duguay, CEO – Health Gauge)

C2MP is a a tailor-made mentoring program focused on life sciences and healthcare innovators working in the three following sub-sectors: pharmaceuticals, health IT, and medical devices. The 6-month mentorship program provides coaching and market insight into life sciences, healthcare, business, and market access strategies for the United States – while also providing a means for collaborating and developing business opportunities.

“C2MP catalyzes the local Chicago life sciences ecosystem to accelerate technology commercialization opportunities in the Chicago area (and the U.S. market) by matching experienced and supportive mentoring teams with early stage innovators.” (

Through C2MP, companies will gain access to programs and mentorship from local universities, health systems, health-care industry partners and potential investors.

Companies will have access to:

  • The AMA Interaction Studio – a test (outpatient) environment in which entrepreneurs and physicians can collaborate

  • The Shop – a medical device prototyping lab for entrepreneurs and engineers to build, iterate, and test

  • The Simulation Stage – a high-acuity simulation environment, built in partnership with Jump Simulation at OSF Healthcare.

“Our view is that in healthcare, the best innovations will come when entrepreneurs are working together within healthcare systems. An entrepreneur can develop a great innovation that solves a meaningful medical problem – but if that solution doesn’t integrate into the existing healthcare system, no one will adopt the product and the business won’t go anywhere. Most new healthcare technologies need to be adapted and integrated by a healthcare culture that tends to be risk adverse, slow moving and complex. Based on this, a lot of what we’re doing at Matter is connecting the dots between entrepreneurs, health systems and medical professionals. They’re all interested in fueling next generations of product, but they need each other.” (MATTER CEO, Steven Collens)


The Health Gauge vision is to help people lead long, high quality, healthy lives using easy-to-use, affordable solutions. The three aspects to the solution are: health monitoring using a wearable device, sophisticated health analysis using artificial intelligence, and a platform to connect with their healthcare teams to better support people in managing their health. Health Gauge applies the latest generation of high-quality devices and sensors, coupled with the application of our unique Artificial Intelligence & Machine-learning (AI/ML) platform. Health Gauge is working with some of the world’s leading health services organizations in our efforts to provide world-leading Personal Health Monitoring & Management and Virtual Care solutions – making it easier for people to monitor their health, understand how different aspects of their life are impacting their health, and share their health data and get engaged with healthcare supports.

Get in touch to see how Health Gauge can help you with providing health services to your organization.

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