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Health Gauge’s new Phoenix wearable and Body Harmony scale are available today.

EDMONTON, March 18, 2021 – Health Gauge is excited to announce that both its Phoenix wearable, with advanced health analytics, and its Body Harmony scale, with body composition analysis, are available starting today.

Introducing Health Gauge Phoenix

The Phoenix is a smart watch that tracks blood pressure, heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, activity, stress and more. Unlike other wearables and trackers that rely on algorithms, Health Gauge’s Phoenix wearable is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) — enabling the Phoenix wearable to provide more accurate health statistics, trending analysis and personal health insights.

What makes the Phoenix even more powerful is its ability to help you track your health within context of your lifestyle. By using the tagging function in the Health Gauge app you can track how your health data is changing based on your daily habits and choices. This awareness can help guide and motivate people towards achieving better health outcomes.

Introducing the Body Harmony Scale

Body Harmony is a smart scale that not only measures your weight but also shows what percentage/weight is fat, muscle, water, and bone. It also tracks you BMI, body age, and more. Understanding the changes in your body composition can help guide you to a healthier, more balanced self.

Developed using Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), Health Gauge measures far more health data. BIA works by sending small electrical impulses – so small that it is undetectable by any human – through the body when you step on the scale. Then, the Body Harmony sensors monitor the impedance – which is the resistance of the electrical impulses as they pass through different bodily tissues. Water, muscle, and fat all impact resistance and therefore can be analyzed and tracked using BIA.

Integrates with the Health Gauge App

If you are interested in reaching your health goals – for weight loss, sleep, stress, nutrition, fitness, and more – the Health Gauge App can help. The app syncs with the Phoenix wearable and Body Harmony scale to help you track and manage your health progress. In addition to the health analytics and tracking available through the free Health Gauge app, Health Gauge also offers the Thrive+ health plan as a value-add offering that can connect you to a dietitian and other health expertsto help people reach your personal health goals.

About Health Gauge

Health Gauge is a world-leading provider of digital health technology and health coaching services that helps users get engaged with their health and reach their health goals. The Health Gauge solution combines best-in-class wearable health monitors with AI-based software and a cloud computing platform that connects to healthcare supports.

Health Gauge brings new and better heath monitoring to people who want to be healthy, get healthy, and stay healthy.

*Health Gauge is not a medical device and not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Service and is not meant as a substitute for or alternative to information from healthcare practitioners.

*Certain information in this news release may contain forward-looking statements that involve substantial known and unknown risks and uncertainties.

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