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Health Gauge Partners with AI-on-Call to Deploy an Acute Illness Early Diagnosis Solution

EDMONTON, October 7, 2021 – Health Gauge, a revolutionary way to manage your health that combines wearable technology with artificial intelligence into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, has entered a strategic partnership with AI-on-Call to deliver a digital remote patient monitoring solution for the early prediction, diagnosis, and prevention of sepsis and acute illness in seniors (whether in Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Hospital, or Home settings).

HG’s smartwatch solution and AI-driven cloud platform combine with AI-on-Call’s novel protocols and algorithms to improve the timely capture of requisite health data, support the rapid identification and prioritization of at-risk patients for sepsis and acute illness, and ultimately facilitate improved outcomes through the quicker engagement of care team professionals.

Three seniors’ facilities located in British Columbia have been identified as the initial deployment target for the joint solution, while the near-term market opportunity is focused on British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario seniors’ facilities. There are over 60 million seniors in North America who could benefit from this service, including 6 million in Canada alone.

“Sepsis is a leading cause of death worldwide. In the United States alone is afflicts 1.7 million people and contributes to 250,000 deaths every year,” said Health Gauge CEO, Randy Duguay. “Health Gauge aims to help reduce those numbers, with its remote health monitoring technology developed through its partnership with AI-on-Call. Our smart health tools will help with earlier detection of suspected sepsis and acute illnesses, resulting in better patient outcomes and reduced healthcare costs.”

HG’s “Health Gauge App” will provide the front-facing end-user interaction, and data capture technology (heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature, and oxygen saturation) integral to the success of the AI-on-Call solution. Additionally, data from AI-on-Call services are to be stored in HG’s data store systems, currently being managed by MedStack services, and within an Azure-based platform.

It is anticipated that HG’s products and services, integral to the AI-on-Call solution, will be priced as follows:

  • HG Phoenix Wearable (MSRP): $200

  • HG BMI Weight Scale (MSRP): $100

  • HG Thrive Monitoring Subscription: $5.00/month

  • HG Value-add Reports: TBD

  • AI-on-Call subscription revenue (provided via HG platform): 15% residual + 10% eComm/operations

The go-to-market user service price will be adjusted upon the completion of pilot and market testing.

About AI-on-Call

AI-on-Call was developed by Dr Andrew Neitzel, an Anesthesiologist/Intensivist and Clinical Assistant Professor at UBC (Department of Medicine and Anesthesiology) and Dr Jonathan Burns, a hospitalist with Fraser Health Authority (Abbotsford Hospital). The novelty and robustness of the AI-on-Call approach is that the solution uses a software program that is not only able to identify early (sentinel) signs of acute illness, but also direct care based on the severity of illness. They have demonstrated that their software is able to identify acutely ill patients early and simply, and with an appropriate degree of sensitivity.

The AI-on-Call team has established that their “Early Detection and Treatment of Acute Illness with Novel Software” is able to identify illness earlier than the traditional clinical method, and once identified is able to more quickly initiate medical management (in the case of the study group of medical ward patients). Study provides further that: “there is clear evidence that early intervention in the acutely ill patient is important in mitigating physiologic derangement and injury.”

About Health Gauge

Health Gauge’s patent-pending solution is a personal health monitoring and management system, which combines the latest wearable health monitors with sophisticated artificial software tools and proprietary cloud computing software, to help caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals access and utilize relevant data, resulting in better recovery outcomes and healthy living objectives through the ability to make immediate and better health choices.

Health Gauge is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Service is not meant as a substitute for, or an alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you have, or suspect you have, a medical condition, consult your doctor before using the Service, starting an exercise program, or changing your diet.

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