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Health Gauge Granted US Patent

EDMONTON, February 8, 2022 — Health Gauge, a revolutionary way to manage your health that combines wearable technology with artificial intelligence into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, has been granted a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (US Patent No. 11183303), titled “Wearable Health Monitors and Methods of Monitoring Health”, regarding Health Gauge’s proprietary wearable health monitoring solution (the “Patent”). The Patent includes the use of multiple configurations of wearable health monitors (hardware designs), in conjunction with methods of analyzing and monitoring health (Health Gauge’s AI-driven software) for the purpose of assisting the user in achieving their personal health and wellness objectives.

“This Patent issuance demonstrates our continued commitment to providing our customers with the most innovative health solutions available,” said Randy Duguay, CEO of Health Gauge. “When we started on the path towards bringing the latest innovation capabilities to digital health services through the applied work in AI/ML software development and IoT – we knew that focusing on the confluence of mobile applications, AI solutions, and connecting people more directly with their care team was what was needed.

“If the recent Covid pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that we need more effective ways for people to monitor their health related to their health behaviors and objectives – continuously, conveniently and in a cost-effective manner, which is exactly what our solution is designed to address.”

Bruce Matichuk, CTO of Health Gauge and lead inventor on the Patent adds, “We are pleased to be awarded this landmark Patent, which lies at the forefront of the rapidly emerging field of AI-supported telemedicine. This Patent validates both the uniqueness and the relevance of our solution, while providing Health Gauge with a foundation from which to secure and grow its continuing leadership in the field of remote health monitoring and management technology. Notably, our research has demonstrated that we are able to generate an accurate blood pressure reading using our now patented Machine Learning-based method of analysis, as compared with the blood pressure capture method most often used in other wearables.”

Specifically, the Patent claims which were granted include:

  • (Machine learning to achieve health goals) the data collected and amalgamated through the Health Gauge supported wearable device can be subject to “machine learning” methodologies to provide for predictive analysis for the individual user, to assist the user in achieving personal health and wellness objectives.

  • (Behavioral analysis) the wearable technology can be worn at the wrist of an individual and can use an accelerometer, pulse oximeter, and electrocardiogram to provide a measured heart rate, oxygen saturation, blood pressure, pulse wave velocity, and activity. This aggregated information can then be provided to the individual, so that the individual can alter their behaviors and relationships with their own health by using features such as notifications and auto-tagging and/or manual tagging, machine learning, artificial intelligence, psychometric analysis, and predictive analytics, to better understand their own stress, diet, sleep, and exercise levels over various time periods, and subsequently make appropriate behavioral changes.

  • (Cardiovascular monitoring) a wearable electronic apparatus is to be worn around an individual’s wrist in order to monitor and assess the individual’s cardiovascular health, (by way of an electrocardiogram and a pulse oximeter sensor with photoplethysmography for taking heart rate, pulse wave velocity and oxygen saturation readings to be converted into blood pressure ratings) for converting the readings and ratings into outputs (as health assessments and/or health recommendations).

  • (Predictive health analysis) the output of the data readings and analysis can provide a health trajectory for the individual to predict a future state of health, as well as review the historical health trajectory from past states.

  • Additionally, 64 other claims were granted as a part of this patent. These claims detail: various wearable hardware specifications, configurations, combinations, and operations; data collection and analysis methods; and the application of Machine Learning software and/or algorithmic data and behavioral analysis software.

About Health Gauge

Health Gauge’s patented solution is a personal health monitoring and management system, which combines the latest wearable health monitors with sophisticated artificial software tools and proprietary cloud computing software, to help caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals access and utilize relevant data, resulting in better recovery outcomes and healthy living objectives through the ability to make immediate and better health choices.

*Health Gauge is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Service is not meant as a substitute for, or an alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you have, or suspect you have, a medical condition, consult your doctor before using the Service, starting an exercise program, or changing your diet.

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