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Health Gauge Builds on its Key Industry Relationships.

EDMONTON, August 26, 2021 – Health Gauge a revolutionary way to manage your health that combines wearable technology with artificial intelligence into one easy-to-use, accurate, and smart solution, continues to forge and build on its existing tech industry relationships integral to Health Gauge’s successful product development and business model implementation strategy.

Some of Health Gauge’s strategic relationships include the following leading organizations: BioAlberta (Edmonton, AB): BioAlberta represents all the life sciences companies in Alberta. Health Gauge participates as a member of BioAlberta in local and international trade connector events to generate new partner and market interests. BioAlberta is a member-driven association that represents and promotes the province’s vibrant and diverse life sciences industry. Through its many partnerships and collaborations, they are dedicated to promoting Alberta’s life science sectors, locally, nationally and internationally. Edmonton Health City (Edmonton, AB): Edmonton is one of the few cities in North America that has funded and supports a focus on the latest innovations in digital health. Health Gauge is a member and collaborator with EHC in developing new sandbox testing spaces to help test new business channels and community-oriented services. Health City’s role is to help pave the way for the transformation of our health economy. This will drive improved health outcomes and economic development for the region that can be scaled globally. Digital Supercluster (Vancouver, BC): Health Gauge is a member of Vancouver’s nationally supported Digital Supercluster program, which provides support to young companies in advancing in the field of digital future solutions. The Digital Technology Supercluster harnesses the power of data to revitalize the economy and position Canada as a global hub for digital innovation. The Supercluster’s total portfolio is valued at more than $200 million and spans more than 60 projects that are responding to critical issues created by COVID-19, improving the health and safety of Canadians, enabling the digital transformation of key economic sectors and training Canadians for skilled positions in the digital economy. Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (amii): Health Gauge has a significant connection with all the leading research institutes and faculties at the University of Alberta. amii is one of the world-leading organizational assets in Edmonton and has helped attract significant investment from world leading AI companies. Health Gauge will continue to collaborate and benefit from participating in the amii programs. amii has been investing in advanced AI research for decades. Alberta researchers from the University of Alberta and amii researchers were a significant part of the team that built Alpha-Go with Google’s Deep Mind organization. amii partners with companies of all sizes, across industries, to drive innovation strategy and provide practical guidance and advice, corporate training and talent recruitment services.

About Health Gauge

Health Gauge’s patent-pending solution is a personal health monitoring and management system, which combines the latest wearable health monitors with sophisticated artificial software tools and proprietary cloud computing software, to help caregivers, patients, and healthcare professionals access and utilize relevant data, resulting in better recovery outcomes and healthy living objectives through the ability to make immediate and better health choices.

*Health Gauge is not a medical device and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Service is not meant as a substitute for, or an alternative to information from health care practitioners. If you have, or suspect you have, a medical condition, consult your doctor before using the Service, starting an exercise program, or changing your diet.

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