• Boxing Yoga

Anthony Joshua turns to yoga for career longevity

Boxing and yoga are two disciplines that you might not expect to see side by side in the same gym let alone the same class. But a new yoga-based training system aims to change that...
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  • White Studio Yoga Wheels

First yoga wheels handmade in the UK

British wellbeing hub The White Studio introduces the first flexibility wheel, handcrafted from wood, to be produced in the UK. The wheel is a 33cm-diameter wheel with an ergonomically-friendly...
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How Rosie Huntington-Whiteley transforms her abs

Victoria's Secret Model and Hollywood actress Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley has divulged her three-point plan in maintaining a flat stomach, but is this strategy truly her key to staying toned?
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Hotpod Yoga at Be:Fit London

Aiming to make yoga more accessible, Hotpod yoga developed their trademark pods. These inflatable, mobile hot yoga studios hold classes of up to 20 people and are designed to provide...
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Airh from Yogasmoga

New proprietary fabric technology...
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  • High Intensity Interval Pilates

High Intensity Interval Pilates

Body sculpting pilates...
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  • Pilates

Fighting gravity with Pilates

Age defying fitness...
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  • Shopping for lululemon yoga wear

Yoga wear trend hots up

Yoga inspired athletic wear is perhaps the most visible breakout trend to come from the fitness world over the past decade. Previously associated with loose fitting linen pyjamas worn by...
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  • lululemon lab

Lululemon announces re-organization

Lululemon change leadership after fiasco...
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  • Vitality Show

Vitality Show 2013

At Vitality, a health show for the ladies of London, we witnessed the launch of protein drink 'Upbeat', learned about the anti-ageing functionality of drink Gold Collagen and discovered 'hot wear'...
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