• fat fit

You can’t be fat and fit says study

A major new study has found that obese people are at an increased risk of stroke or heart failure even if they might appear healthy and do not display any of the warning signs like diabetes...
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  • healthy nutrition concept in brain shaped

Dieting success hardwired into the brain

A new research paper has found that the ability to self-regulate a healthy body weight may be dependent on individual brain structure...
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  • Chicory root

Studies confirm chicory beneficial in fighting diabetes

Two new research studies, conducted by the Imperial College London, and funded by Diabetes UK, have shown major beneficial effects of chicory root fibre (oligofructose-enriched inulin)...
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  • healthy fat sources

Can fat help you lose weight?

Research published in the Lancet has shown that adopting a high-fat diet can lead to reduced body weight and waist circumference. However, this doesn’t mean we can feast on fish and chips...
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  • keto kookie

Fat loss Keto Kookie debuts on Kickstarter

Keto Kookie is a cookie that is naturally high in good fats and low net-impact carbohydrates. This also offers benefits in weight management and for those suffering with diabetes as it works...
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Why you shouldn’t HIIT it too hard

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been the go-to form of exercise for weight loss for many years now. But personal trainer Callum Melly has a different perspective on this cardio training...
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  • choc shot

6 bad habits that might not be so bad

We all have our bad habits – whether it’s sleeping in late at the weekends, or drinking a bit too much coffee. And those bad habits are called that for good reason, right? Well, maybe not...
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She Supps makes protein feel female

She Supps attempts to make it range of supplements more appealing to women through the design and feel of the products, replacing bulky tubs and bags, which have been intimidating to women...
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  • Little kid deals with a stressful day at the office by eating giant bowl of pasta

Is stress sabotaging your health?

How cutting stress can slim the waistline...
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  • raspberries, stawberries and blueberries

High flavonoid foods keep weight down

Berries help to lose bellies ...
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