• omegawater

OmegaWater aims to boost UK omega-3 intake

OmegaWater is a new brand of enhanced water that looks to follow the trail blazed by vitaminwater, helping to boost the UK's omega-3 consumption by making it more easy and enjoyable...
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Alkaline Water lands Ingles Markets

The Alkaline Water Company, producer of premier bottled alkaline water, has announced today that Ingles Markets is launching Alkaline88 products in their stores in the Southeastern United States...
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  • DRINKmaple


DRINKmaple is a maple water brand that is produced or ‘collected’ by simply tapping maple trees - a process that doesn’t harm the plants and allows the nutrient dense water to run into buckets...
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Stars help launch Core Hydration

Diplo and Katy Perry front new premium water...
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Jennifer Aniston arrives in London with Smartwater

Celebrity brings enhanced water to Britain...
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  • Brits drinking water abroad

Brits on holiday don’t drink enough water

Just 1 In 10 drink recommended amounts...
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  • Alkame Water

Alkame appoints director of sports marketing

Ken Konecki joins alkaline water company...
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  • Lucozade Sport Vs Water Commercial

Re-Engineering Water

Rehydration and beyond...
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  • PH9 Generator

PH9 Generator

The next generation of drinking...
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