• Vitamin D sunbed

Should governments add vitamin-D to food?

There have been numerous reports of vitamin-D deficiency and a new review estimates that if more foods were fortified with vitamin-D it could prevent millions of cases of cold and flu...
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Hey Like Wow

Hey Like Wow is a new vitamin rich, soft drinks brand which combines sugar-free hydration with natural flavours, no artificial colours, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives...
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  • evolution-organics-launch-liposomal-vitamins

Evolution Organics launch Liposomal Vitamins

Evolution Organics have launched a new addition of LipoLife bio supplements to their extensive range of high quality and organic vitamins and supplements offering faster absorption...
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  • BASF Ludwigshafen

BASF to build world-scale vitamin A plant

BASF has started planning for the construction of a new world-scale plant for vitamin A in Ludwigshafen, Germany. The new facility will increase BASF’s total annual production capacity...
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  • vegan campaigners are everywhere

Women cutting red meat could be risking health

Women moving away from red meat are putting their health at risk as red meat offers key health benefits as an important contributor of iron, zinc, selenium, iodine and vitamin D, B vitamins...
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  • pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium

Magnesium is magic ingredient for better sleep

Ever wondered if you need more magnesium? No. However, according to the latest research, a lack of magnesium can lead to major problems such as poor heart health and type 2 diabetes...
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  • mexican beef steak burritos with black beans, rice, and salsa

Can there be a red meat redemption?

Whilst the vast body of research does suggest a correlation between health issues and diets that are high in meat products, is the over-simplified view that all red meat is bad for us, misleading?
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Vitamin D deficiency pandemic

Vitamin D deficiency is a major health issue in the UK that should not be underestimated given the vital role of vitamin D in supporting normal bone development and maintenance as well as effects...
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  • Voost

UK gets a helping Vöost

Vöost, a range of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to suit the Australian lifestyle, is now available in the UK. Vöost’s range of effervescent vitamins and minerals are designed to help..
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OHAYO says good morning

Mini hydration boost...
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