• Vitamin D sunbed

Should governments add vitamin-D to food?

There have been numerous reports of vitamin-D deficiency and a new review estimates that if more foods were fortified with vitamin-D it could prevent millions of cases of cold and flu...
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  • headache sunshine

Can sunshine cure headaches?

A new study analysed vitamin D levels and occurrence of headache in approximately 2,600 men. In 68% vitamin D levels were below what is considered the threshold for vitamin D deficiency...
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  • mexican beef steak burritos with black beans, rice, and salsa

Can there be a red meat redemption?

Whilst the vast body of research does suggest a correlation between health issues and diets that are high in meat products, is the over-simplified view that all red meat is bad for us, misleading?
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Vitamin D deficiency pandemic

Vitamin D deficiency is a major health issue in the UK that should not be underestimated given the vital role of vitamin D in supporting normal bone development and maintenance as well as effects...
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  • Stuck Indoors

Indoor culture poses health risk for Brits

Vitamin D deficiency leaves us tired and depressed...
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  • Juice Press Dr Green's D3

Juice Press launches Vitamin D3 tablets

Expanding nutraceuticals family of products...
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  • NCAA Division 1 wrestling

Third of college athletes have low vitamin D

Male, black and Hispanic athletes at greatest risk...
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  • role of dairy in muscle health

The role of dairy in muscle health

Nutrient interaction a key factor...
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  • Milk with Vitamin D

No clear evidence for benefits of vitamin D

Universal conclusions cannot be drawn...
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  • Joy Thomas, Technical Business Development Manager for the Cornelius Group

Active nutrition for an ageing population

Counteracting the process of ageing...
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