• Naturya Superseed Bar

Naturya superfy snacks and breakfast

Naturya is joining the battle for better snacking and breakfasts with the launch of new super jams and seed bars that aim to make consuming nutritious wholefoods a whole lot easier...
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  • vegetarian diet

Quarter of vegetarians are malnourished

A new survey has revealed that many vegetarians aren’t receiving all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that they need, with just under a quarter admitting they believe they are malnourished...
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london vegan protest

5 reasons why veganism must die

Committing to an ethical lifestyle is a truly noble decision, however vegan culture has given rise to a new hard line that is far removed from the mindful ideology that it purports to be...
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 5 – Final Verdict

Having examined vegan and omnivorous diets, within the context of the modern world, one stands as a clear winner. But is veganism truly the progressive ideology it purports to be?
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 4 – Health

Despite what the propaganda might say both vegan and omnivorous diets have their strengths and weaknesses but if we compare the two like for like, which is most beneficial to health?
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 3 – The Environment

Our newly developed understanding of climate change clearly shows that in order to save the planet we must first unlearn factory farming. But can changing how we eat save the world?
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 2 – Animal Welfare

There can be no argument that if the world went vegan lifestyle, the vast majority of animal welfare issues that surround farming would be eradicated. But is the issue really so black and white?
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  • vegan-vs-omnivore-featured

Vegan vs. Ominvore: Part 1 – Attitudes

For this first in a five-part debate over vegan vs omnivorous diets, Andrew Wildey and Laura Potts look at how attitudes surrounding veganism are acting to both help and hinder the cause...
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  • vegan campaigners are everywhere

Women cutting red meat could be risking health

Women moving away from red meat are putting their health at risk as red meat offers key health benefits as an important contributor of iron, zinc, selenium, iodine and vitamin D, B vitamins...
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  • Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior closes gaps in vegan diets

Sunwarrior's products contain no soy or GMOs and would be suited to virtually anybody, with their Warrior Blend Protein containing a complete amino acid profile putting it on par with whey protein...
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