Alkaline Water lands Ingles Markets

The Alkaline Water Company, producer of premier bottled alkaline water, has announced today that Ingles Markets is launching Alkaline88 products in their stores in the Southeastern United States...
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  • Salt

Ingredient to reduce U.S. sodium intake

Meaningful salt reductions...
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  • buffalo burgers

Are U.S. low-fat guidelines failing?

Nutrition non-profit cites inconsistencies...
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  • Target Trollys

Target to deemphasize less healthy products

U.S. retailers target natural & organic...
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  • Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Dairy alternatives good for U.S. milk market

Momentum through premium products...
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  • Americans eating food

Americans not as healthy as they think

New survey reveals uncomfortable truth...
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  • 2014 March Against Monsanto

US organic market to surpass $45 Billion in 2015

Growing consumer awareness drives market
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  • George Prior Photo

50-year-old man drinks 10 Cokes a day for science

Risking health to highlight sugar effects...
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  • Americans reconsider snack size

New US weight management mindsets

Americans reconsider snacking...
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  • latino girls take supplements

Hispanics take to supplements

Bright spot for nutritional supplements market...
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