• Sugar

Sweet solution to marathon fatigue

Spoon of sugar staves off tiredness...
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  • University of Bath Basketball Study

Laying up a better diet for basketball

University study identities optimum nutrition...
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  • Breakfast at Boston Tea Party in Bath

Is breakfast really the most important meal?

Results of Bath Breakfast Project revealed...
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  • exercise at christmas can stave off effects of inactivity copy

Daily exercise at Christmas can make it guilt-free

Exercise staves off negative effects...
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  • Health and Fitness Scientific Trials

Half recommended exercise cuts illness risk

Study shows benefits with just half recommend exercise...
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  • University of Bath

Exercise improves life of diabetes sufferers

Exercise improves quality of life for diabetes sufferers...
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  • Walking cuts risk of major illness

Walking cuts risk of major illness

Walking routines reduce risk of Metabolic Syndrome...
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