• Boxing Yoga

Anthony Joshua turns to yoga for career longevity

Boxing and yoga are two disciplines that you might not expect to see side by side in the same gym let alone the same class. But a new yoga-based training system aims to change that...
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Bulletproof lands at luxury London location

This month, Bulletproof has teamed up with respected trainer Lee Mullins, to launch the Bulletproof X Workshop Gymnasium fitness class at the prestigious Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge...
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Gym class boosts sexyness with sweat not showers

Gymbox is launching a Pheromone Improvement Training, a fitness class that aims to enable gym-goers to secrete the correct natural pheromones needed to attract a mate on their night out...
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  • wetrain

WeTrain brings social fitness to London

AirBnb-style fitness platform WeTrain launches a £600,000 investment campaign on crowdfunding site Seedrs, looking to expand its platform and launch WeExperience, a new fitness concept...
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How Rosie Huntington-Whiteley transforms her abs

Victoria's Secret Model and Hollywood actress Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley has divulged her three-point plan in maintaining a flat stomach, but is this strategy truly her key to staying toned?
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  • Parkour Generations

4 reasons why parkour is fastest growing sport

With demand for parkour growing, UK based Parkour Generations is now reaching to new communities worldwide. But why is parkour now the world's fastest growing lifestyle sport?
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Why you shouldn’t HIIT it too hard

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) has been the go-to form of exercise for weight loss for many years now. But personal trainer Callum Melly has a different perspective on this cardio training...
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  • Novak Djokovic

Strength conditioning key to grand slam success

Study finds that elite male tennis players have transformed from lean endurance to power-trained athletes over course of four decades. The most successful modern grand slam tennis players have...
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MyProtein talk lifestyle at BodyPower

It has always been the HealthGauge ethos that health, vitality and looking good should be there to empower the everyman and not just the elite. Speaking to many of the leading companies...
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Hotpod Yoga at Be:Fit London

Aiming to make yoga more accessible, Hotpod yoga developed their trademark pods. These inflatable, mobile hot yoga studios hold classes of up to 20 people and are designed to provide...
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