• Sugar

Sweet solution to marathon fatigue

Spoon of sugar staves off tiredness...
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  • Janella Purcell

5 health and diet myths from the 80s

Did we really believe these?
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  • WakeUp Post Lunch Waker

WakeUp to offset “post-lunch dip syndrome”

Post lunch waker...
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  • Check My Level over-training fitness tech

Check My Level over-training fitness tech

Device and app to help optimise training...
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  • Vitamin B12

Could tiredness be due to vitamin B12 deficiency?

Lethargy and fatigue down to deficiency...
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  • Queue to buy video game Grand Theft Auto V

Are video games bad for your health?

It's muscle pain, seizures, obesity, vitamin D deficiency and sleep deprivation versus improved vision, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive skill and stressed reduction. So are video games bad for us?
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  • Subway Stress

Recovering from modern life

Living to excess...
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  • Mickey Mouse Alarm Clock illustrating vintage sleep tec

Sleep Tech

The science of sleep...
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  • Vitamin D Spray By BetterYou

Energy boosting vitamin D hailed

Study confirms deficiency fatigue link...
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  • woman sat with umbrella at train station texting

Britain gets sad this winter

Over three quarters of Brits get the winter blues...
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