• Hench Nutrition

Hench Nutrition opens doors to investors

Norwich based sports nutrition manufacturer and distributer Hench Nutrition has become the first of its kind in the UK to feature on leading crowdfunding website Crowdcube...
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  • Stressed man with beard

Declaring war on stress

As humans we have an inbuilt system known as the fight or flight mechanism which helps us in response to the threat of being attacked. But in this modern age, tigers’ manifest as stress...
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  • Sunwarrior

Sunwarrior closes gaps in vegan diets

Sunwarrior's products contain no soy or GMOs and would be suited to virtually anybody, with their Warrior Blend Protein containing a complete amino acid profile putting it on par with whey protein...
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  • Brexit Pharma

Brexit creates opportunities for UK pharma

While the exit of the UK from the European Union (EU) undoubtedly creates significant issues for the UK pharmaceutical and medical device industries in ensuring highly regulated European markets...
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Perform Raw Plant Protein

In 2016, the world of protein powders is changing fast. Whether it be for ethical, health, or dietary preferences, more and more people are switching their whey protein shakes for...
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Bullet pre-workouts launch

Launching at this year's BodyPower Expo was Bullet - Serious Body Ammunition, a new range of pre workout supplements developed by founder and qualified osteopath Grant Harrison...
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She Supps makes protein feel female

She Supps attempts to make it range of supplements more appealing to women through the design and feel of the products, replacing bulky tubs and bags, which have been intimidating to women...
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MyProtein talk lifestyle at BodyPower

It has always been the HealthGauge ethos that health, vitality and looking good should be there to empower the everyman and not just the elite. Speaking to many of the leading companies...
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Musclefood madness at Bodypower

At BodyPower Expo 2016, Musclefood hosted what was arguably one of the most chaotic stands at the show offering burgers, protein pizza, protein pick’n’mix, goodie bags sporting free pants...
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Musclefood Elite+ Informed Sport approved

Nutritional protein given all clear...
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