• Planet Paleo Osteo Collagen

Planet Paleo talk collagen for cavemen

Having been in development for two years, Planet Paleo is a range of collagen supplements that aims to build upon the principles of paleo, taking a step back to take a step forward...
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  • Vitamin D sunbed

Should governments add vitamin-D to food?

There have been numerous reports of vitamin-D deficiency and a new review estimates that if more foods were fortified with vitamin-D it could prevent millions of cases of cold and flu...
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  • phd-superfoods

PhD Nutrition launches Natural Performance Range

Responding to a growing demand for free from, natural products, supplements brand PhD Nutrition has launched a new range of natural performance products...
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  • evolution-organics-launch-liposomal-vitamins

Evolution Organics launch Liposomal Vitamins

Evolution Organics have launched a new addition of LipoLife bio supplements to their extensive range of high quality and organic vitamins and supplements offering faster absorption...
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  • innermost superfoods

Innermost supplement blends launch

Currently launching in the UK, Innermost is a range of GMO-free food supplement blends that contain protein, superfoods, sirtfoods and nutrient-rich natural ingredients with nothing artificial...
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  • kinetica bcaa hydro fuel

Kinetica launch New BCAA Hydro Fuel

New BCAA Hydro Fuel from Kinetica is an intra-workout supplement, providing over 7,000mg of BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio serving, designed to maximise training intensity and enhance performance...
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  • Forza Greens With Benefits

Forza launch Greens with Benefits

Greens with Benefits is a new range of nutrient rich super greens from Forza supplements. They combine a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and whole foods to support specific areas of health...
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  • Kinetica sprints for gold with ambassador Desiree Henry

Kinetica sprints for gold with ambassador Desiree Henry

Kinetica Sports have announced that English 100 meter sprinter and hopeful for Rio this summer, Desiree Henry will be their new brand ambassador with a one-year partnership...
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Vitamin D deficiency pandemic

Vitamin D deficiency is a major health issue in the UK that should not be underestimated given the vital role of vitamin D in supporting normal bone development and maintenance as well as effects...
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  • Voost

UK gets a helping Vöost

Vöost, a range of vitamins and minerals specifically formulated to suit the Australian lifestyle, is now available in the UK. Vöost’s range of effervescent vitamins and minerals are designed to help..
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