• Naturya Superseed Bar

Naturya superfy snacks and breakfast

Naturya is joining the battle for better snacking and breakfasts with the launch of new super jams and seed bars that aim to make consuming nutritious wholefoods a whole lot easier...
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  • phd-superfoods

PhD Nutrition launches Natural Performance Range

Responding to a growing demand for free from, natural products, supplements brand PhD Nutrition has launched a new range of natural performance products...
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  • innermost superfoods

Innermost supplement blends launch

Currently launching in the UK, Innermost is a range of GMO-free food supplement blends that contain protein, superfoods, sirtfoods and nutrient-rich natural ingredients with nothing artificial...
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  • Forza Greens With Benefits

Forza launch Greens with Benefits

Greens with Benefits is a new range of nutrient rich super greens from Forza supplements. They combine a variety of fruit, vegetables, herbs and whole foods to support specific areas of health...
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Perform Raw Plant Protein

In 2016, the world of protein powders is changing fast. Whether it be for ethical, health, or dietary preferences, more and more people are switching their whey protein shakes for...
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  • Black Pudding

15 unlikely “superfoods” for 2016

We would all love to believe that eating an odd-sounding berry will eradicate cellulite or that drinking water from a tree is the elixir to long life. In reality, it’s about creating balance...
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  • Redcurrants

Redcurrants are new Nordic superfruit

Wide array of healthy components...
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  • inSpiral Organic Green Mix

inSpiral launch Organic Green Mix

New line from organics company...
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  • CamExpo

CamExpo 2015

London's complementary health event...
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  • BodyMe Superfood Supplements

BodyMe Superfoods & Green Tea

When ‘super foods’ first appeared on the market people got carried away with the hype, gladly knocking back odd tasting concoctions in the hope they might achieve flawless complexions...
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