• BENEO Sweets

Sugar-free hard candy concepts

Beneo's latest Sweets Collection concepts include a compilation of state-of-the-art sugar-free hard boiled candies that appeal to all senses using a sugar replacer drived from sugar beets...
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  • sugar tax

Return of the sugar tax

The so called sugar tax, to be introduced in April 2018, will target companies producing sugary drinks and is expected to raise £520 million in tax that could potentially be reinvested into the NHS...
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  • sugar cubes

Lifestyle choices reduce diabetes risk

Sugar intake a key contributor...
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  • Sugar

Sweet solution to marathon fatigue

Spoon of sugar staves off tiredness...
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  • is natural healthy sleight of hand trick

Does natural mean healthy?

You don't have to be any kind of food expert to recognise that, as a rule of thumb, the closer to nature that you eat - the better your diet. But is it really that straight forward?
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  • Ribena

Tesco withdraws Ribena and Capri-Sun

Bid to combat obesity...
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  • sugar crystals

Sugar Association on FDA sugar values

Accusation of failing scientific standards...
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  • 3 Sinners Cookies

3 Sinners Cookies

Sin without the sugar...
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  • sugar

Anderson Global launch AllSweet

Allulose low-calorie sugar...
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  • Pomegreat

PomeGreat responds to sugar allegations

Fury over report...
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