• Tribe Fundraising

Tribe hits £1M fundraising target in 4 days

Just four days since Tribe launched its £1m Crowdcube campaign, the natural sports nutrition brand has already reached its seven-digit target and has now entered an overfunding phase...
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  • Planet Paleo Osteo Collagen

Planet Paleo talk collagen for cavemen

Having been in development for two years, Planet Paleo is a range of collagen supplements that aims to build upon the principles of paleo, taking a step back to take a step forward...
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  • phd-superfoods

PhD Nutrition launches Natural Performance Range

Responding to a growing demand for free from, natural products, supplements brand PhD Nutrition has launched a new range of natural performance products...
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  • wow protein water

Wow Protein enhanced water launches

Wow Protein is a new protein water that launches in the UK this week. The whey protein enhanced water is sugar-free, gluten-free and fat-free, using a distributor cap to dispense the formulation...
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  • p-fit

P-Fit jargon free protein brand launches

A new start-up is launching tailored protein directly to customers’ doors for the first time in the UK, but fitness buffs and gym bunnies are not the people the new company wants to connect with...
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  • kinetica bcaa hydro fuel

Kinetica launch New BCAA Hydro Fuel

New BCAA Hydro Fuel from Kinetica is an intra-workout supplement, providing over 7,000mg of BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio serving, designed to maximise training intensity and enhance performance...
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  • Whey Protein Powder Tub, Scoop, Shaker

Does more protein equal more benefits?

New studies adding to the mounting body of research into the health benefits of a high protein diet have both challenged the idea that consuming more protein equals more health benefits...
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  • Kinetica sprints for gold with ambassador Desiree Henry

Kinetica sprints for gold with ambassador Desiree Henry

Kinetica Sports have announced that English 100 meter sprinter and hopeful for Rio this summer, Desiree Henry will be their new brand ambassador with a one-year partnership...
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  • Hench Nutrition

Hench Nutrition opens doors to investors

Norwich based sports nutrition manufacturer and distributer Hench Nutrition has become the first of its kind in the UK to feature on leading crowdfunding website Crowdcube...
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  • CrossFit

CrossFit drives demand for gold standard sports nutrition

The frequency and intensity of exercise involved in CrossFit, great demands are placed on the muscles, meaning participants will increasingly seek out sports nutrition products that enable them to...
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