• Naturya Superseed Bar

Naturya superfy snacks and breakfast

Naturya is joining the battle for better snacking and breakfasts with the launch of new super jams and seed bars that aim to make consuming nutritious wholefoods a whole lot easier...
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  • jiminis cricket bars

France takes a bite out of edible insects

Jimini's joins the global movement towards making insects a part of modern diets in the interests of health and environmental sustainability with 9 snacks, 4 bars and whole insects...
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  • Eat Grub Cranberry and Orange Bar

Eat Grub bar launches

Eat Grub - a brand of insect cooking ingredients, has set it sights on the snack market with its new Eat Grub bars. Available in Coconut & Cacao and Cranberry & Orange, the bars are packed full of...
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  • keto kookie

Fat loss Keto Kookie debuts on Kickstarter

Keto Kookie is a cookie that is naturally high in good fats and low net-impact carbohydrates. This also offers benefits in weight management and for those suffering with diabetes as it works...
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  • sitting at station vending machine

Brits relax on snacks

Consumers cut down on snacking...
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  • Pronuts

Snackification trend drives innovation

The protein market is being transformed by current trends such as ‘snackification’, ‘deskfasting’ and ‘permission to indulge’. The very definition of ‘active nutrition’ has been turned on its head...
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  • Beefit

BEEFit Biltong

Healthy take on meat snacks...
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Liberation Nuts launches

Healthy nut range...
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  • 3 Sinners Cookies

3 Sinners Cookies

Sin without the sugar...
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  • Beanitos Hint of Lime

Beanitos Hint of Lime Chips

New snack offering...
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