V12 collagen protein shot

Whilst many more of us are choosing to boost our protein consumption due to the associated health benefits of maintaining lean muscle mass, the classic powders and shakers format still carry...
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  • LQ Liquid Health

LQ Liquid Health Joint Care

Shot supplement to support joint health...
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  • Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000

Beet It Sport Nitrate 3000 launches

Beetroot shot gets a boost...
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  • DuBe Hemp Energy Shot

DuBe Hemp Energy Shot

Cannabis infused product line...
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  • 5-hour ENERGY new taste shots

5-hour Energy improves on taste

New and improved energy shots...
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  • WakeUp Post Lunch Waker

WakeUp to offset “post-lunch dip syndrome”

Post lunch waker...
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  • Food for Sleep

Food for Sleep launches

Sleep aid made from foods...
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  • Daniel de Winter Monaco Beauty Shot

Monaco’s Inside Out beauty comes to UK

Daniele de Winter Monaco launches in UK...
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  • Melissa Snover, Founder, FTN

FTN at Be:Fit London

Melissa Snover talks stem cell nutrition...
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  • The Original Protein Shot XL

CVS takes protein shot to 4,100 stores

The Original Protein Shot goes nation wide...
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