Stand up desks: healthy or hipster?

Standing desks have become a common site amongst the hipster-infested co-working hubs of the world's more cosmopolitan cities but do the offer health benefits or just make you look silly?
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  • Office cubicles

Move more to reduce risk of early death

The adverse health effects of sitting for prolonged periods are well known but a paper published today in The Lancet found that one hour of exercise per day can reduce risk of early death...
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  • sitting in chairs is bad for health

The disease of sitting

The silent killer...
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  • Rise Sit Tracker

Rise sit tracker

Tracker aims to improve sitting habits...
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  • Queue to buy video game Grand Theft Auto V

Are video games bad for your health?

It's muscle pain, seizures, obesity, vitamin D deficiency and sleep deprivation versus improved vision, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive skill and stressed reduction. So are video games bad for us?
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  • TrekDesk

TrekDesk Treadmill Desk

Sweatworking at your desk...
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  • Subway Stress

Recovering from modern life

Living to excess...
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