Noodles salty as 12 crisp packets

New research by Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) has revealed there is more to flavoured instant noodles than hot water. Many are dangerously high in salt i.e. greater than 5g per serving...
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  • Deadly Salt

Food industry is UK’s biggest killer

Unhealthy food supplied by the food industry is now the biggest cause of death and ill health in the UK. Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) calls for the government to immediately...
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  • Salt crystals

Shocking salt increase in shopping essentials

Tragedy for public health...
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  • Salt

Ingredient to reduce U.S. sodium intake

Meaningful salt reductions...
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  • Salt of the Earth has named Revital Ben Shachar as Marketing Manager and Dror Levy as Retail Export Manager

New appointments at Salt of the Earth

Company taps food enhancers retail market...
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  • cinema popcorn

Is popcorn as healthy as we’ve been lead to believe?

Survey reveals shocking salt, sugar and calorie content...
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  • Salt of the Earth Launches New, Low-sodium, MSG-free Salt Ingredient

New, low-sodium, MSG-free salt Ingredient

Umami-Essence boosts flavor...
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  • Salt of the Earth presents innovation strategy to penetrate the global retail market

Salt of the Earth win 3 SIAL awards

Salt products awarded for innovation...
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  • salt

Salt reduction saves lives

Premature deaths can be prevented...
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  • pod salad

CASH survey uncovers salty salads

Salty secret of 'healthy' salads...
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