• Dr Ajax Mohamed

Sabinsa names new resident director

Dr Mohamed accepts new position...
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  • LactoSpore

Research supports Sabinsa probiotic stability

LactoSpore shelf stable for functional foods...
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  • Bayir Extracts Private Limited, Bangalore warehouse

Sabinsa action against curcumin adulteration

Criminal complaint filed...
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  • Bacopin

Sabinsa ingredient tackles alzheimers

Bacopin poses solution for brain maintenance...
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  • Curcumin

Sabinsa patent infringement litigation settled

Curcumin C3 Complex defended...
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  • LactoSpore Slider

New launch and Canadian approval for Sabinsa

New developments with LactoSpore...
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  • curcumin

Sabinsa fight inflammation with curcumin

More soluble spice supplements...
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  • NutraFormulate

NutraFormulate 2014

Key UK event for functional foods...
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  • Nutra Formulate

Nutra Formulate 2013

We visit UK ingredients and formulation show...
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