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Tesco and Spoon Guru takes fuss out of food

Tesco has announced a partnership with Spoon Guru to help its customers with specific diets and tastes quickly and easily find food suitable when shopping online...
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 5 – Final Verdict

Having examined vegan and omnivorous diets, within the context of the modern world, one stands as a clear winner. But is veganism truly the progressive ideology it purports to be?
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 3 – The Environment

Our newly developed understanding of climate change clearly shows that in order to save the planet we must first unlearn factory farming. But can changing how we eat save the world?
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 2 – Animal Welfare

There can be no argument that if the world went vegan lifestyle, the vast majority of animal welfare issues that surround farming would be eradicated. But is the issue really so black and white?
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  • London Fitness Fashion

Fashionistas cause sales of sportswear to sprint

New research estimates that sales of sports goods will reach a personal best of £7 billion in 2016, up 6% compared to 2015. The race in sales comes as more Brits are lacing up their trainers...
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Alkaline Water lands Ingles Markets

The Alkaline Water Company, producer of premier bottled alkaline water, has announced today that Ingles Markets is launching Alkaline88 products in their stores in the Southeastern United States...
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Vogue Williams joins Xinx brand launch

UK activewear range launches in London...
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  • Samsung Gear Fit

£250 million spent on unused health gear

Fitness faddists in the UK are investing heavily in health and fitness clothing, equipment and gym memberships that are going unused, according to a new new survey of 1,000 adults...
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  • Aldi 110 per cent ham

Aldi ham gives it 110%

Packs of Cooked Ham Trimmings purchased from an Aldi store in West Yorkshire by shopper Della Farzad, list amongst its ingredients "110% British Pork"...
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  • musclefood pie

MuscleFood launch new pie range

High protein, low fat pies...
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