• burnt toast

Cancer risk from eating burnt food

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has issued a warning that starchy foods, when overcooked, can contain acrylamide, a chemical that has been linked to cancer...
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  • Microplastics

Microplastics give cause for concern

There is no clear evidence of possible health risks of microplastics but is possible that microplastics eaten by fish and other seafood can release harmful substances that eventually end up in food...
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  • Office cubicles

Move more to reduce risk of early death

The adverse health effects of sitting for prolonged periods are well known but a paper published today in The Lancet found that one hour of exercise per day can reduce risk of early death...
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  • Lego nature

Life without plastic

A family of five from Styria completely avoided plastics in their home environment for several months. Environmental medicine experts from MedUni Vienna monitored them and analyzed their urine...
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  • Pot and Cup of Green Tea

Tea panel disputes throat cancer research

The Tea Advisory Panel has issued a statement disputing the IARC ’s ruling for very hot beverages regarding throat cancer, affirming it has no relevance to the great British cuppa...
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  • Air Pollution

DSM publish new paper on air pollution

Nutritional solutions to counter health impact...
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  • Where's This From App

App identifies most poisonous chicken

Tackling 280,000 cases of poultry poisoning...
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  • work place cancer risk

Campaign to cut work cancer deaths

Industry-wide campaign launches...
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DUBS Acoustic Filters launch in Europe

Combating hearing loss in style...
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  • gym kit

Gym kits are breeding ground for bacteria

More than just unpleasant odour...
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