• Zoe Pablo Smith

Zoe ‘Pablo’ Smith on the truth behind weight lifting

Zoe 'Pablo' Smith has been weight lifting since the age of 12 having first tried her hand at gymnastics, earning her the title of 'Britain's Strongest School Girl'. As well as a string of titles...
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  • McDonalds Olympic Junk Food Sponsorship Protest

Olympic Boss challenged to ban junk food sponsorship

Public health campaigners issue a challenge...
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  • Fitness First Olympic Legacy with Athletic Fitness

Olympic Legacy an unfulfilled promised

Brits in no fit state to celebrate...
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Evolution of the Olympics

We look at four olympic disciplines from 1948 and 2012 London Olympics and examine the role of technology in making the best just that little bit better...
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  • Usain Bolt Gatorade Commercial

Usain Bolt in edgy new Gatorade commercial

The worlds fastest man stars in edgy new commercial...
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  • photo of a screen displaying Nike twitter homepage

Nike wins social Olympics

Nike defeated Adidas in the social Olympics...
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  • BrewDog Never Mind The Anabolics

Never mind the anabolics

The worlds first 'performance enhancing' beer...
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China looks good for the Olympics

Controversy as Nike and Ralph Lauren unveil their Chinese uniforms...
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