• fat fit

You can’t be fat and fit says study

A major new study has found that obese people are at an increased risk of stroke or heart failure even if they might appear healthy and do not display any of the warning signs like diabetes...
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  • obesity

Obesity linked to 11 types of cancer

Colon, breast, pancreas and ovary cancer are amongst a list of 11 cancers that researcher have warned those who are overweight are more susceptible to developing...
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Are fat people to blame for Brexit?

New analysis from the University of East Anglia, examining the correlation between obesity and the EU referendum vote, has revealed that high proportions of leave votes are associated with high...
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  • Ribena

Tesco withdraws Ribena and Capri-Sun

Bid to combat obesity...
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  • Chip shop teens

Teenagers overweight and unaware

Many teens oblivious of issues...
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  • George Prior Photo

50-year-old man drinks 10 Cokes a day for science

Risking health to highlight sugar effects...
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  • rubbish playground

Obesity: a playground issue

“We have a duty to our children"
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  • Pizza Vending Machine

Call for reduced energy density foods

Experts urge food companies to cut calories...
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  • Kid eating sugar candy

Call for sugar tax to fight childhood obesity

Action On Sugar called upon by government...
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  • Addicted to sugar

UK Government addicted to sugar?

Is committee protecting sugar industry?
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