• bread

Dietary fiber market to grow 16% by 2019

Healthier baked goods drive growth...
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Ingredients under scrutiny

What catches consumers eyes...
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  • Sweet N Low

Sweetener market to reach $15,466 million in 2021

Driven by rise in demand for healthier...
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  • BENEO Consumer in Supermarket Cathey Yeulet

Improved understanding of low GI nutrition

Consumer research reveals better understanding...
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  • Americans eating food

Americans not as healthy as they think

New survey reveals uncomfortable truth...
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  • DSM's Alina Paduraru and Maria Pavlidou

DSM surveys consumer perceptions of naturality

What do shoppers make of natural?
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  • Chocolate Shake

Preventive healthcare stokes amino acid demand

Health conscious consumers opt for fortified foods...
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  • Lorry with chicory roots

Consumers link fibre with health

Research highlights understanding...
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  • Danio

End of the high protein in sight

What will consumers want next?
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  • Indian nutraceuticals market

Indian nutraceuticals pass $4.2 billion by 2017

Poor nutrition and rising health awareness drive...
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