• probiotic

Euro probiotic market could miss opportunities

Forecast estimate a loss in retail sales for the pro/prebiotic drinking yoghurt market of around €500 million since 2012 in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and the UK...
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  • vegetarian diet

Quarter of vegetarians are malnourished

A new survey has revealed that many vegetarians aren’t receiving all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that they need, with just under a quarter admitting they believe they are malnourished...
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  • start-up-business

What is the secret of start-up success?

New research that looked at businesses founded between 02 and 13 in the UK, USA and Australia, found snack and beverage start-ups to be the most resilient in the healthier foods market...
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  • red bull can

Energy drinkers would cut back if prices increased

With tax on sugary soft drinks due to come into effect in 2018, the majority of UK sports and energy drink users say they expect their purchasing of these products to be affected as a result...
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  • vegan campaigners are everywhere

Women cutting red meat could be risking health

Women moving away from red meat are putting their health at risk as red meat offers key health benefits as an important contributor of iron, zinc, selenium, iodine and vitamin D, B vitamins...
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UK gym members returning

While growth has been sluggish in the health and fitness club market over the past five years, 2016 could mark a return to the gym floor with memberships forecast to grow by 20% by 2020...
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Are fat people to blame for Brexit?

New analysis from the University of East Anglia, examining the correlation between obesity and the EU referendum vote, has revealed that high proportions of leave votes are associated with high...
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Noodles salty as 12 crisp packets

New research by Consensus Action on Salt & Health (CASH) has revealed there is more to flavoured instant noodles than hot water. Many are dangerously high in salt i.e. greater than 5g per serving...
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  • sitting at station vending machine

Brits relax on snacks

Consumers cut down on snacking...
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  • Sports drink concept from Naturex

Sports drinks grow popular with public

Category outgrows niche...
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