Aubrey De Grey: Living Forever Young

Speaking at London's GIANT health science event, biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey explained how a gerontologic approach would enable humans to live indefinitely...
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  • Bacopin

Sabinsa ingredient tackles alzheimers

Bacopin poses solution for brain maintenance...
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  • crowded train

Will ‘Phoenix Condition’ be the death of us?

Think tank forecasts seven generation families...
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Human Longevity signs license agreement

Celgene makes equity investment...
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  • Calorie Restriction Diet

Calorie Restriction

Reducing the amount of calories that we consume may enable us to live and remain healthier for longer according to numerous studies into animals and other lifeforms such as mice and monkeys...
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  • Life Extension Medial Diagnosis

Life Extension Therapy

The science of immortality...
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  • little toy robot in foreground in front of blurred background

Nanorobots hold big potential for life extension

Nanotech enables life-altering innovations...
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