• Fitness First Platinum in Islington

Islington is London’s most fitness obsessed borough

1 in 8 of Brits are members of a gym and the UK is home to 6,400 fitness facilities. It has become clear that as a nation, Brits are becoming more health conscious, and fitness fanatical...
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HealthGauge.com’s top 6 health trends for 2017

Core many of the trends we are observing is a realisation that our modern, highly technology focused lives whilst in some ways more convenient do also come at the cost of our wellbeing...
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  • wetrain

WeTrain brings social fitness to London

AirBnb-style fitness platform WeTrain launches a £600,000 investment campaign on crowdfunding site Seedrs, looking to expand its platform and launch WeExperience, a new fitness concept...
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london vegan protest

5 reasons why veganism must die

Committing to an ethical lifestyle is a truly noble decision, however vegan culture has given rise to a new hard line that is far removed from the mindful ideology that it purports to be...
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Vegan vs. Omnivore: Part 5 – Final Verdict

Having examined vegan and omnivorous diets, within the context of the modern world, one stands as a clear winner. But is veganism truly the progressive ideology it purports to be?
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  • Health Website

An app a day keeps the doctor away

Health professionals have long been a trusted source of advice, but now it seems that young Brits are looking online for reliable information about healthy living...
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  • How to sleep off your sleep debt FEAT

How to sleep off your sleep debt

If you’ve neglected your sleep all year, you can’t expect things to suddenly change when you start your holidays. Poor sleep can’t be turned into good overnight, but it pays to try good sleeping habit
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  • Office cubicles

Move more to reduce risk of early death

The adverse health effects of sitting for prolonged periods are well known but a paper published today in The Lancet found that one hour of exercise per day can reduce risk of early death...
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  • Lego nature

Life without plastic

A family of five from Styria completely avoided plastics in their home environment for several months. Environmental medicine experts from MedUni Vienna monitored them and analyzed their urine...
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  • choc shot

6 bad habits that might not be so bad

We all have our bad habits – whether it’s sleeping in late at the weekends, or drinking a bit too much coffee. And those bad habits are called that for good reason, right? Well, maybe not...
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