• jiminis cricket bars

France takes a bite out of edible insects

Jimini's joins the global movement towards making insects a part of modern diets in the interests of health and environmental sustainability with 9 snacks, 4 bars and whole insects...
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  • Eat Grub Cranberry and Orange Bar

Eat Grub bar launches

Eat Grub - a brand of insect cooking ingredients, has set it sights on the snack market with its new Eat Grub bars. Available in Coconut & Cacao and Cranberry & Orange, the bars are packed full of...
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  • Mophagy founders

Mophagy launch insects as cupboard staple

Mophagy launched as an insect ingredient wholesaler back in January this year, quickly gaining interest for their products from a huge range of businesses; pubs, restaurants, food manufacturers...
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Insects lead the way in sustainability

Food for the future...
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  • New look Crobar

Crobar hits UK retail shelves

New look bar now stocked nationwide...
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  • Edible Insect Cuisine

Insect oriented ‘entomophagy’ escapade

Experimental kitchen launches in London...
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  • weetabug edible insect cereal

Insects on supermarket shelves

Currently 1,900 species of insects are eaten by 2 billion people around the world. They provide a source of protein that requires just a fraction of the feed, water and land resources of livestock...
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  • CroBar Peanut Crunch Cricket Protein Bar

CroBar cricket protein bar review

CroBar is a new brand of protein bars from the UK. What makes CroBar different from other protein bars is that these are made using insects - crickets to be exact...
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  • Gemma Lamb wins Young Scientist competition using mealworms

Mealworm bread wins competition

Student wins food for the future competition...
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  • Finished Products Europe 2015

Sports nutrition at FPE 15

New concepts for competitive advantage...
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