• Childhood Trauma

Childhood trauma linked to weak immune system

Childhood trauma and sleep disturbances interfere with immune system regulation, shows research from the University of Eastern Finland. These changes were observed in a population...
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  • Winter Workout

Is overtraining causing you illness?

Intense exercise suppresses immune system...
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  • Pills and Supplements

Top reasons for taking supplements

7 out of 10 taking supplements each year...
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  • gut health

Turning back the clock on immunity

Prebiotics improve immune function...
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  • Aurélie Vromaine, Product Manager & Communication, Ingredia Nutritional

Ingredia talk recovery with Wellmune

Supporting immunity post-workout...
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  • Green Tea and Blueberries

Polyphenol-packed diet shields athletes from illness

Keeping immune systems revved up...
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  • Xymogen i5 Energize

Xymogen launches i5 Energize

Shake mix supports gastrointestinal health...
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  • Larch Trees in Canada an ingredient of Lonza's Resistaid

ResistAid immunity enhancement identified

New Study identifies ability at Lower Dosage...
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  • Bio Kult

Bio-Kult beats big chill

Winter defence from multi-strain probiotic...
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  • Probi Defendum

Probi extends collaboration with Health World Australia

Launch of Probi Defendum...
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