• omegawater

OmegaWater aims to boost UK omega-3 intake

OmegaWater is a new brand of enhanced water that looks to follow the trail blazed by vitaminwater, helping to boost the UK's omega-3 consumption by making it more easy and enjoyable...
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How Rosie Huntington-Whiteley transforms her abs

Victoria's Secret Model and Hollywood actress Rosie-Huntington-Whiteley has divulged her three-point plan in maintaining a flat stomach, but is this strategy truly her key to staying toned?
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  • DRINKmaple


DRINKmaple is a maple water brand that is produced or ‘collected’ by simply tapping maple trees - a process that doesn’t harm the plants and allows the nutrient dense water to run into buckets...
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  • Stressed man with beard

Declaring war on stress

As humans we have an inbuilt system known as the fight or flight mechanism which helps us in response to the threat of being attacked. But in this modern age, tigers’ manifest as stress...
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  • BU Water

BU Water

Bringing beauty to re-useable bottles...
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Stars help launch Core Hydration

Diplo and Katy Perry front new premium water...
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  • SodaStream

SodaStream US positioning to emphasize health

Encouraging Americans to drink more water...
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  • Eau Good Water Purifier

Eau Good Water Purifier

Healthy, hydrating filtering system...
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  • water-to-go


Water purification bottle...
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  • Clif Shot Protein Recovery & Electolyte Hydration

New Clif Shot drinks for hydration and recovery

Clif launch new products for athletes...
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