Carbs and protein from yellow pea

Clean Label, vegan and free-from...
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  • Jacob Thundil, Founder and Director, Cocofina

Jacob Thundil explains coconut trend

Jacob Thundil, the founder of coconut health and nutrition products brand Cocofina explains why the health industry has gone coconuts over the past 3 years with the ingredient is still finding it's wa
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  • Nakd at Be:Fit London

Free-from gains momentum

Sales to surpass half a billion...
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  • Designed2Eat Fudge Brownies File

Designed2Eat Fudge Brownie review

Despite being free-from Designed2Eat’s Fudge Browne achieves a soft and moist texture with a chewy baked texture on the top. The taste is somewhere between a brownie and a free-from...
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  • is natural healthy sleight of hand trick

Does natural mean healthy?

You don't have to be any kind of food expert to recognise that, as a rule of thumb, the closer to nature that you eat - the better your diet. But is it really that straight forward?
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  • Milkman

Milk alternatives on the rise

The dairy divide...
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  • Quest Bar

New shape of sports nutrition

The world market for sports and fitness nutrition products (including foods & drinks) is currently undergoing a transformation, emerging from a niche segment to a mainstream market that is...
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  • Beanitos Hint of Lime

Beanitos Hint of Lime Chips

New snack offering...
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  • Rickland Orchards CLVR Bar

New CLVR bar launch

Three new flavors of fruit bars...
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  • Against The Grain Gourmet Falafel

Against The Grain Grain-free Pita Bread

New product debuts...
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