• blue light from computer monitors

Omniactive launches ‘What’s Your BLUE?’

Blue Light User Exposer...
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  • pandas

Why do you look like a panda?

Common causes for eye conditions...
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  • sharp eye

Zeaxanthin speeds up visual processing

Nutrition's role in improving vision...
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  • DSM sales down

DSM nutrition Q4 sales down 3%

Weakness in supplements markets impacts sales...
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  • NutraFormulate

NutraFormulate 2014

Key UK event for functional foods...
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  • Queue to buy video game Grand Theft Auto V

Are video games bad for your health?

It's muscle pain, seizures, obesity, vitamin D deficiency and sleep deprivation versus improved vision, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive skill and stressed reduction. So are video games bad for us?
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  • protecting eye health with sunglasses

8 ways to maintain eye health

Steps for vision protection...
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Nutrients promote lifetime of healthy vision

Research links nutrition and eye health...
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  • FUSE Science – Powered By Fuse

Fuse Science develops Drop for AMD

Clinical study into commercial formula for AMD sufferers...
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