• Pikachu balloon at Macys thanks giving parade

Is Pokémon Go good for you?

Pokémon Go is a free unique gaming app that combines a number of mobile technologies. The key physical benefit is that users are required to go outside and walk several kilometres in order to...
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  • Wii Fit U Challenge at home

The Fitness Game – Stage 2

Next evolution in gamification of fitness
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  • WiiU Fit Bobsleigh Console

Nintendo treats users to free Wii Fit U trial

Full trial for Wii Fit fans...
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  • Queue to buy video game Grand Theft Auto V

Are video games bad for your health?

It's muscle pain, seizures, obesity, vitamin D deficiency and sleep deprivation versus improved vision, hand eye co-ordination, cognitive skill and stressed reduction. So are video games bad for us?
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  • Zumba World Party

Zumba World Party coming to PS4 & XBox One

A big announcement made at video game expo E3 came from games publisher Majesco Entertainment, who released details of Zumba World Party - a fitness and rhythm game developed...
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  • Playoke Courses at FIBO 2013

Playoke Courses virtual fitness classes

3D motion tracking enabled fitness classes...
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  • screen from wii fit u trailer showing the gamepad touch screen menu

Nintendo’s Wii U launch line up takes shape

Fitness launch titles from Nintendo's new console...
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  • Playboy.com photo of Jo Garcia playing Nintendo Wii Fit in minimalist living room


Get fit by playing video games. Win Win!
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