Musclefood Elite+ Informed Sport approved

Nutritional protein given all clear...
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  • Beer calories

Drinkers fail to understand beer calories

Beer myth busting...
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  • how to cure a hangover

How to cure a hangover

Nutritionists bust boozing myths
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  • smoking and drinking

England could have world’s least disease

Potential for lowest burden in the world...
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  • Steroids cause memory loss

Steroid users 39% more forgetful

Study reveals negative cognitive side effects...
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  • RESQWATER Bottle

Research supports Resqwater hangover ‘cure’

Clinical research shows mitigating effect...
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  • Can fruit & veg help breathing in smokers?

Can fruit & veg help breathing in smokers?

American College of Nutrition finds out...
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  • Men Smoking In London

2% cigarette tax rise a disappointment

Lower tax rise than health groups had hoped...
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  • cheap booze in the form of tesco value bitter

UK Chancellor should resist cheap booze

Chancellor urged to resist industry lobbying...
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  • SkyCig electronic cigarette

European Parliament approves new e-cigarette rules

E-cigarettes to be regulated as medicine...
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