• Chicory root

Studies confirm chicory beneficial in fighting diabetes

Two new research studies, conducted by the Imperial College London, and funded by Diabetes UK, have shown major beneficial effects of chicory root fibre (oligofructose-enriched inulin)...
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Butter still might not be so bad after all

In recent years more and more research has suggested that butter's negative health impacts aren't as bad as everyone made out. It seems that this trend shows no signs of stopping as, according to...
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  • smoking and drinking

England could have world’s least disease

Potential for lowest burden in the world...
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  • Happy Egg

Eating eggs reduces diabetes risk

Positive findings...
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  • Sunlight UV

Sunlight helps slow diabetes

Scientists suggest benefits of UV exposure...
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  • Inflammation

Fighting inflammation

Self-destructive self-defence...
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  • salmons and bears

Polyunsaturated fat linked to smaller heart disease risk

Smaller risk of coronary heart disease...
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  • Green Tea and Blueberries

Polyphenol-packed diet shields athletes from illness

Keeping immune systems revved up...
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  • one in four brits are obese

One in four British adults classified as obese

camexpo panel to debate “obesity epidemic”...
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  • FOGO

87% of Americans have a Fear of Getting Old

Campaign challenges attitudes to ageing...
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