• vegetarian diet

Quarter of vegetarians are malnourished

A new survey has revealed that many vegetarians aren’t receiving all the necessary vitamins and nutrients that they need, with just under a quarter admitting they believe they are malnourished...
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Carbohydrates: Friend or Foe?

Carbs have been given a pretty bad rep over the past few years is carbohydrates. The common perception now is that the fewer carbs we eat the better, with some of us avoiding carbs altogether...
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Can there be a red meat redemption?

Whilst the vast body of research does suggest a correlation between health issues and diets that are high in meat products, is the over-simplified view that all red meat is bad for us, misleading?
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  • healthy fat sources

Can fat help you lose weight?

Research published in the Lancet has shown that adopting a high-fat diet can lead to reduced body weight and waist circumference. However, this doesn’t mean we can feast on fish and chips...
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  • Stressed man with beard

Declaring war on stress

As humans we have an inbuilt system known as the fight or flight mechanism which helps us in response to the threat of being attacked. But in this modern age, tigers’ manifest as stress...
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  • vegan rally

Supplements essential for vegans

Vegans adhere to nutrition recommendations in varying degrees, according to a new Finnish study. Some vegans who participated in the study followed a balanced diet, while others had...
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  • buffalo burgers

Are U.S. low-fat guidelines failing?

Nutrition non-profit cites inconsistencies...
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50 year-old man drinks 10 Diet Cokes a day

Old man up to old tricks...
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  • coca cola life

New approach to weight management

Normalisation over niche...
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  • Irish and british at St Patricks Day parade in London

British and Irish overweight

Most likely to consider themselves heavy...
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