• Future Supermarket

Mintel’s top 10 food trends for 2016

Looking to 2016, Mintel's Global Food and Drink Analyst Jenny Zegler discusses the top food and drink trends set to impact global markets, including implications for both consumers...
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  • Rebel Kitchen Coffee

Rebel Kitchen

Rebel Kitchen are a new brand of coconut milk drinks. All "mylks" (which are spelt with a y to differentiate the from actual dairy milk), contain a base of three ingredients; coconut milk...
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  • Milkman

Milk alternatives on the rise

The dairy divide...
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  • cheese pacman

Can health bring consumers back to cheese?

Fortunes of cheese at turning point...
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  • Almond Breeze Almond Milk

Dairy alternatives good for U.S. milk market

Momentum through premium products...
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  • Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and Riazhenka

Bio-tiful Dairy Kefir and Riazhenka

Superfoods to watch in 2015...
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  • Stonyfield Organic OP Organic Protein

Stonyfield Organic OP Protein Smoothies

Milk based protein on-the-go...
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  • Aktivia yoghurt drink

Dairy drives global health innovation

From probiotics in Asia to “naturally healthy” in the West...
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  • role of dairy in muscle health

The role of dairy in muscle health

Nutrient interaction a key factor...
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  • Soy Protein Bar

Protein demand drives soy sales to $4.5 Billion

Shift in market, lifestyle choices helping sales...
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