• Black Pudding

15 unlikely “superfoods” for 2016

We would all love to believe that eating an odd-sounding berry will eradicate cellulite or that drinking water from a tree is the elixir to long life. In reality, it’s about creating balance...
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  • Currants support younger skin

Currants support younger skin

A polyphenol found in selected varieties of red and black currants (Ribes rubrum, Ribes nigrum) offers significant benefits for younger looking skin based on a large human clinical trial...
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Berries may help to curb brain decline

New scientific articles suggest benefits...
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  • Redcurrants

Redcurrants are new Nordic superfruit

Wide array of healthy components...
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  • raspberries, stawberries and blueberries

High flavonoid foods keep weight down

Berries help to lose bellies ...
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